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About AdvR Inc.


AdvR is a recognized leader in the engineering of nonlinear optical structures for a host of photonic devices and applications. We started operations in January 1999 with the mission to develop, manufacture and sell engineered nonlinear structures, lasers and related electro-optic products. Currently we sell our engineered nonlinear optical structures in both waveguide and bulk form to a broad range of customers: from university and industrial researchers to new product developers. To date, AdvR has specifically targeted the development of products with one or more of the following features: high stability, low phase noise, precise wavelength control, long-life time operation, high visible powers, and high wall-plug efficiency. These features help to enable small robust monolithic photonic devices and instruments.


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AdvR products and information are likely to be under the export jurisdiction of the Commerce Department, and are currently exported under the following classifications: EAR99/NLR. AdvR products and information are not currently under the ITAR restrictions of the State Department.

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