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Electro-Optic Beam Deflection

Electro-Optic Beam Deflection

AdvR has developed a process for creating a series of electro-optic prisms in an electro-optic material through a domain reversal process to achieve voltage-controlled laser light deflection capable of high optical power and high transmission. Many poled configurations are available to maximize beam deflection performance for specific applications. Representative specifications and scanning patterns are highlighted below.

The electro-optic scanning crystals provide the engine for our 1-D and 2-D fiber optic switch and optical amplitude modulators. The technology supports operation from the visible to the infrared at power levels up to about 5 watts CW. Please contact us to discuss our optical beam scanners for your next application.
Beam Deflector
Size Reference
AdvR Fiber Switch
AdvR Fiber Switch
AdvR Fiber Switch

The above video demonstrates a 1064 nm, 10 mW vertically polarized CW beam deflected in two dimensions using non-linear optical crystals engineered by AdvR. Two of these crystals were placed orthogonally and up to +/- 400 volts were applied, independently, to each crystal to deflect the beam as shown on a 5 mm x 5 mm screen at 1-10 Hz. The speed and screen size were selected for convenience and visualization.

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