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1064nm 100ps Pulsed Diode Laser

AdvR has developed a 1064nm, pico second pulsed laser targeted for high resolution lidar and fiber sensor applications. The laser emits 1 watt peak power in 125ps with a user-controlled pulse repetition rate of 100Hz-25kHz that maintains narrow spectral bandwidth (<0.5nm at 25dB below peak emission). Laser output via single mode PM fiber terminated with an FC/APC connector for ease of system integration.

1064nm 100ps Pulse Diode Laser


Pulse Width
Peak Power
Pulse Energy
Spectral Bandwidth
Pulse Jitter
Pulse Repetition Rate
Output Fiber

125pJ @ 2kHz
0.5nm @ 25dB below peak max
100Hz - 25kHz by +1V user supplied trigger input
PM980 FC/APC polarized
1064nm with 0.5nm tuning with temperature
Laser head, HV controller and cable

1064nm 100ps Pulse Diode Laser

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