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Electro-Optic Modulators

X-Cut APE LN Phase Modulators

AdvR is offering a line of low loss fiber coupled phase modulators for c-band and o-band operation. Contact AdvR to discuss your application, or custom modulator configurations.

For applications requiring visible to NIR wavelengths or higher power handling, consider AdvR's KTP waveguide based phase modulators.

AdvR Phase Modulator
   Wavelength      13XX nm      15XX nm   
Bandwidth > 100 MHz
Vpi~3.5 V~4.5 V
Insertion Loss ≤ 3.5 dB
Input Power 200 mW
MaterialLithium Niobate
OrientationX-Cut, Y-Propagating
Fiber ConnectorFC/APC

X-Cut Phase Modulator

For More Information Regarding AdvR's Phase Modulators, Please Contact Us.


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