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Electro-Optic Modulators

High Power Fiber Coupled Optical Phase Modulators

AdvR has developed a phase modulator in a KTP waveguide to operate in wavelengths ranging from near-infrared to near-ultraviolet. The use of KTP waveguides enables modulators with high power handling and low Vπ . Performance has been optimized in single mode 780nm phase modulators, but contact AdvR to discuss custom configurations to meet your application's needs.

View AdvR's Article on High Power Fiber Coupled Phase Modulators in the July 2016 issue of Laser Focus World.

780nm Phase Modulator
AdvR Phase Modulator
KTP Waveguide-Based Proprietary Design
Operating Wavelength780nm ± 20nm
Optical Input Power300 mW
Low Vπ 6 V
3dB Bandwidth6 GHz
Insertion Loss< 5 dB
FiberPM 250μm buffered fiber
Optical ConnectorsFC/APC

Applications: Rubidium Atomic Sensing
Custom Wavelength Phase Modulators

Example Modulator Wavelengths
   Wavelength      Reference Atom   

AdvR is able to produce phase modulators at customer specified wavelengths from the near-ultraviolet into the near-infrared. These custom phase modulators are produced with similar specifications as the 780nm phase modulator with some variation in maximum power, Vpi, and insertion loss depending on the wavelength. Currently these modulators are spec'd for multimode operation with temperature control to ensure performance stability.

For information regarding AdvR's modulation technology, please contact us.


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