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Frequency Conversion Modules

Frequency Conversion Modules


AdvR provides packaging options for your frequency conversion crystal requirements suitable for a wide variety of industry needs. Whether it is second harmonic generation, sum frequency generation, or difference frequency generation, we offer convenient packaging for a broad range of wavelengths for low to high power applications.

Fiber Coupled Frequency Conversion Module for Low to Moderate Powers

AdvR offers a compact, fiber in, fiber out (or collimated beam out) frequency conversion module in a 7 pin butterfly package for easy insertion into your test configuration or OEM application. FC/APC connectorized PM fibers come standard with module; however, other fiber and termination options are available upon request. For optimal conversion efficiency the module includes an integrated thermal electric cooler which can be controlled with your own standard TEC temperature controller. AdvR

Robust Housing for Fully Fiber Coupled Frequency Conversion Modules for Low to Moderate Powers

AdvR We now offer the same convenience as the fully fiber coupled frequency conversion module with an added robust housing to fully heatsink and protect the fiber coupled module. The input laser source can be directly coupled to the frequency conversion module via a standard narrow key FC bulkhead. The module housing can be secured to a standard optics table and provides a 9-pin D-sub connector for convenient interfacing to your own standard TEC temperature controller.

Fiber-in, Free-space-out Frequency Conversion Module for High Powers

AdvR also offers bulk frequency conversion modules for high peak or average power applications with the convenience of fiber input and a collimated output. An LMA PM fiber is typically used for the high power modules, however contact AdvR to discuss your specific requirements and determine the appropriate optical configuration. AdvR

Custom module pricing will depend on level of development required.

For quote information regarding our frequency conversion modules please contact us.

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