Waveguide Based Quantum Devices

Photon Pair Sources

Photon Pair Source

AdvR’s PPKTP waveguides have been used to produce promising results in the field of quantum information. Researchers can use Type I and Type II frequency conversion to make advancements

  • GHz Pair Generation Rates for mW Pump
  • Type I or Type II Interactions
  • Degenerate or Non-Degenerate Interactions

Common Interactions:

405 nm → 810 nm
775 nm → 1550 nm

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Contact us to discuss more options, including dual element devices for polarization entangled photon pairs or unique interactions such as 1064nm pump → (532nm internal SHG) → 810nm & 1550nm photon pairs.

Single Photon Quantum Frequency Conversion

Single Photon

AdvR offers a line of Undoped LN waveguides for high efficiency single photon conversion. These waveguides can convert single photons from visible wavelengths to the telecom from low loss transmission, or from telecom to visible for efficient detection and interactions with atoms.

On-chip features including mode-filters and WDMs allow for efficient fiber coupling wavelengths through separate ports.

Single Photon Downconversion Device

Single Photon Upconversion Device