AdvR specializes in Engineered Nonlinear Optical Technologies. We offer a wide range of frequency conversion chips and devices using bulk and waveguide periodically poled LN, MgLN, and KTP. These materials allow for SHG, SFG, DFG, SPDC, and THG ranging from UV to IR wavelengths.

AdvR also offers Electro-optic Phase Modulators. AdvR is unique in offering a line of broadband visible to NIR phase modulators based on KTP waveguides. These devices allow for Higher Power handling while retaining a low Vpi and Broadband Modulation. AdvR has recently introduced a line of X-cut APE LN modulators for low loss C-band and O-band operation.


Frequency Conversion

AdvR offers a line of frequency conversion interactions throughout the visible and NIR

KTP Phase Modulator

Phase Modulation

AdvR offers a line of KTP waveguide phase modulators. The KTP waveguides allow for higher power operation throughout the visible and NIR

Single Photon

Quantum Frequency Conversion

AdvR’s undoped RPE PPLN waveguides allows for high efficiency single photon frequency conversion

Fiber Coupled SHG

Photon Pair Sources

AdvR’s waveguide based devices allow for high generation rates of photon pairs. GHz per mW of pump for Type 0 interactions and MHz per mW of pump for Type II interactions.