Visible Wavelength Phase Modulator

AdvR’s MgO:LN waveguide-based phase modulator offers high speed operation with low Vpi in a compact and low loss fiber coupled configuration. The polarizing waveguide used in this device offers improved PER with higher power handling than other broadband fiber coupled devices. This phase modulator is available for customer defined wavelengths ranging from approximately 370 nm to 800 nm.

Wavelength* (nm) 780 532 488
3 dB Bandwidth** (GHz) > 10
Vpi at 1 GHz (V) ~5 ~3 ~3
Vpi at 10 GHz (V) ~7.5 ~5 ~5
Maximum Output Power (mW) 50 25 20
Insertion Loss with Connectors (dB) < 4
Fiber Type PM850 PM480
Fiber Connector FC/APC

* Custom wavelengths available in range of approximately 370nm to 800nm
** Bandwidths available up to 20 GHz