Current Openings:

Optical/Electrical/Processing engineer

AdvR’s focus is on the development of nonlinear optical components and systems for a range of applications including quantum information science and technology, communications, and sensing. We are looking for help across the board from fabrication (including lithography and thin film deposition), characterization and packaging, to electronics and micro-controller- based system control. We are targeting persons with technical background but not limiting our search to a specific degree level. Rather we are looking for US citizens that are willing/able to learn new skill sets, self-motivated to advance their understanding in areas of current and future interest to AdvR, good communicators ,and able to work well with groups. Pretty much all of us currently at AdvR had little knowledge on the particulars of what we now do, but our willingness and passion to learn, participate, and innovate has resulted in AdvR, Inc. being a recognized world leader in the field of integrated nonlinear photonics, and we are hoping to recruit individuals that will help us remain in the forefront of this exciting arena. Please email a resume and cover letter to

Additional targeted requirements include:

  • B.S. and above in physics, optics, physical chemistry, engineering (Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical)
  • Work productively in a fast paced, research type environment with frequently changing priorities.
  • Knowledge and experience using Python, LabVIEW, Origin, MATLAB, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Optics lab experience using a wide variety of laser sources, fiber and free space optics, and test equipment in the visible and IR wavelengths

Job duties may include:

  • Optical characterization of quantum pair sources
  • Electric poling for quasi-phase matching and other material engineering
  • Developing material characterization process
  • Building state of the art integrated photonics devices
  • Developing micro-processor controlled components and systems
  • Testing, characterizing, and analyzing optical and electro-optical systems

US citizen or permanent resident green card holder.