Quantum Information Sciences

AdvR has developed waveguide based photon pair sources utilizing degenerate and non-degenerate downconversion. These devices, available for Type I and Type II interactions, have a much higher pair production rate (GHz/mW) than bulk (non-waveguide) nonlinear material. AdvR has also produced sub-micron periodically poled waveguides to produce counter propagating photon pairs using quasi-phase matched downconversion. These waveguides will provide a high brightness source of downconversion pairs with enhanced spectral properties, low attenuation, and operation in the visible to the mid-infrared spectral region.

Atomic Sciences

AdvR’s offerings in both frequency conversion and phase modulation devices have seen extensive use in ion trapping and atom cooling applications. AdvR’s frequency conversion devices allow customers to access a wide range of visible transition wavelengths by using readily available IR pump lasers. AdvR’s broadband visible phase modulators and also be used to pump different transitions. This technology can be useful in the development of optical atomic clocks, cold-atom inertial sensors and gyroscopes.

Remote Sensing

AdvR has successfully developed a narrow linewidth iodine stabilized seed laser system. This system, utilizing AdvR’s core competencies of frequency conversion and phase modulation devices, allows for commercial diode or fiber based 1064nm lasers to be stabilized to an Iodine absorption feature. New efforts at AdvR have focused on the development and delivery of a compact, space-qualifiable, diode-based seed laser system that utilizes a digital controller to allow locking to the required wavelength in remote environments for multi-wavelength flight and space-based lidar applications.