High Power Fiber Coupled Phase Modulators

AdvR has developed a phase modulator in a KTP waveguide to operate in wavelengths ranging from near-infrared to near-ultraviolet. The use of KTP waveguides enables modulators with high power handling and low Vπ . Performance has been optimized in single mode 780nm phase modulators, but contact AdvR to discuss custom configurations to meet your application’s needs. Common applications include ion trapping, atom cooling and laser locking.

Custom Wavelength Phase Modulator

KTP Phase Modulator
Wavelength (nm) 3dB Bandwidth (GHz) Vπ (V) Fiber
397 ~5   or   ~10 ≤ 5 PM400
480 PM480
556 ≤ 6
633 PM630
657 ≤ 7
780 ≤8 PM850
1064 ~10 PM980
Example 780nm Phase Modulator Configuration
Operating Wavelegnth 780nm ± 20nm
Max. Optical Input Power ≥250mW
Low Vπ ~7.5 V
3dB Bandwidth ~5 or 10 GHz
Insertion Loss ≤ 4 dB
Fiber PM850 250μm buffered fiber
Optical Connectors FC/APC

Broadband Free Space Phase Modulator

Have an application that requires a free space setup, higher optical power, lower loss, or a more compact footprint? Contact AdvR for information on our free space modulators. These units are based on the same KTP waveguides as our fiber coupled units, allowing for the same broadband operation and low Vpi with the capability of higher power and lower loss.

Freespace EOM