About AdvR

AdvR is a recognized leader in the engineering of nonlinear optical structures for a host of photonic devices and applications. The AdvR started operations in 1999 with the mission to develop, manufacture and sell engineered nonlinear structures, lasers and related electro-optic products. Currently its sells its engineered nonlinear optical structures in both waveguide and bulk form to a broad range of customers: from university and industrial researchers to new product developers.


AdvR has strong industrial, government, and research laboratory relationships and partnerships. AdvR’s current customers range from university and government researchers to new product developers and OEMs. AdvR’s components are primarily used for R&D efforts for applications including quantum information sciences, remote sensing, and atomic sciences by advanced university and governments labs, as well as by OEMs seeking components and products for use in those markets. AdvR has a broad range of experience with a variety of different nonlinear optical materials and applications, providing a one-stop-shop for highly specialized and customized materials and devices, and its ability to provide solutions for highly specialized needs.