Periodically Poled Nonlinear Optical Waveguides

For its frequency conversion modules, AdvR works in both waveguide and bulk configurations in a range of materials including KTP, LN, and Mg:LN. Using these materials allows the company to fulfill customized client needs in terms of wavelength, power handling, and conversion efficiency. AdvR works with its clients to deliver suitable products to meet individual frequency conversion needs. Interactions include SHG, SFG, DFG, SPDC, and THG. Frequency conversion chips are tailor made to a customer’s requirements and AdvR can deliver customer specified interactions and poling periods. AdvR’s engineered non-linear optical materials serve a wide range of applications from quantum information sciences and atomic sensing, to atmospheric sciences.

AdvR’s MgO:LN Ridge Waveguides off a wide range of capabilities for nonlinear optical frequency conversion. MgLN’s large transmission window allows for production and downconverison of UV wavelengths (≥350 nm).

Its large power handing capability allows for 100’s of mW to be safely produce at 780 nm in a fiber coupled package

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AdvR is unique in providing KTP waveguide based chips and devices. These waveguides have a broad range of capabilities, but see more the most interest in Type I or Type II interactions to generate photon pairs for quantum applications.

Learn More about KTP waveguides for use in photon pair sources.

Undoped LN waveguides allow for superior conversion efficiency for low power or single photon conversion applications. AdvR has developed advanced capabilities in these waveguide chips. On-chip mode filters to allow for efficient coupling into the waveguide, while on-chip WDMs allow for separate coupling of signal and pump wavelengths for SFG and DFG interactions.

Learn more about AdvRs PPLN waveguides for single photon quantum frequency conversion

Packaging Options

Fiber Coupled SHG

Free-space Waveguides

Looking for a low cost option, or the lowest coupling losses? AdvR offers unpackaged waveguide chips. These chips are perfect for free-space beam paths and applications requiring minimal losses.

Fiber In / Free Space Out

If your application could benefit from the convenience of input fiber coupling, but requires a free space output, lower output loss, or higher SHG output, AdvR offers fiber in/free space out frequency conversion devices. PM fiber with FC/APC connector input and  lens collimated output or bare waveguide output. Internal TEC included.

Standard Fiber Coupled

Our compact fiber in/fiber out frequency conversion housing is the most popular options. This device allows for convenient insertion into test configurations or OEM devices. The device comes with PM fiber with FC/APC connectors. Internal TEC included.

Robust Housing Option

Need more protection for your device? AdvR offers a Robust Housing Option with 3mm jacketed fiber. The module can be secured to a standard optics table and provides a 9-pin D-sub connector for convenient interfacing to you own standard TEC controller.