Photon Pair Sources

Photon Pair Source

AdvR’s PPKTP waveguides have been used to produce promising results in the field of quantum information. Researchers can use Type 0 and Type II frequency conversion to make advancements

  • GHz/mW Pair Generation Rates for Type 0 Interactions
  • MHz/mW Pair Generation Rates for Type II Interactions
  • Custom Degenerate or Non-Degenerate Interactions
  • Common Interaction Included 405 nm -> 810 nm and 775 nm -> 1550 nm SPDC.
  • Options for Unpackaged Waveguide Chip, Fiber Coupled Devices, and Timing Compensated Devices

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Type II Timing Compensated Photon Pair Sources

Material PPKTP Waveguide
Pump Wavelength (nm) 405 775
SPDC Wavelength (nm) 810 1550
Internal Pair Generation Rate (MHz/mW) > 10 ≥ 3
HOM Visibility > 90% *
Input Fiber PM400 PM850
Output Fiber PM850 PM1550
Fiber Connectors FC/APC

* > 95% Measured

Contact us to discuss more options, including dual element devices for polarization entangled photon pairs or unique interactions such as 1064nm pump → (532nm internal SHG) → 810nm & 1550nm photon pairs.