Second Harmonic Modulator

The Second Harmonic Modulator is a device that combines quasi-phase matched second harmonic generation and phase modulation into a single fiber coupled waveguide. AdvR has a strong history in making fiber coupled frequency conversion devices and high power fiber coupled phase modulators in KTP waveguides. With the Second Harmonic Modulator, AdvR now offers both capabilities in a single waveguide, allowing for a modulated 532nm output from a 1064nm pump, or a modulated 780nm output from a 1560nm pump.

These products have applications including frequency locking a 1064nm laser to an iodine reference cell as well as interrogating a rubidium reference cell for use in optical atomic clocks.

Second Harmonic Modulator
Input Output
1064 nm Modulated 532 nm
1556nm Modulated 778nm